BricsCAD Mechanical - Single 1 Year Subscription

  • BricsCAD Mechanical - Single 1 Year Subscription

BricsCAD Mechanical - Single 1 Year Subscription


 Intelligent Mechanical Design

BricsCAD makes advanced mechanical design accessible. It is intelligent, flexible, affordable and, above all, enables greater design freedom.

Part Design

With BricsCAD Mechanical, the design process is simple. Start your design with a 2D sketch, then extrude, revolve or sweep it to create a 3D solid. You can also use built-in 3D primitives to specify the initial shape of your part. Move on to the details using extrusions, fillets, chamfers, Boolean operations, and edit using dynamic direct modeling. You control as much or as little of the form as you like with parameters. You can also import 3D solids and edit them as native components.

Sheet Metal Design

Not only does BricsCAD Mechanical let you create sheet metal components from scratch, but you can also convert solid parts to sheet metal, automatically, with just one click. This robust approach lets you spend more time evolving your design and less time worrying about redefining sheet metal features.

Assembly Design

BricsCAD Mechanical users can create complex hierarchies of parts and sub-assemblies using bottom-up or top-down design methods. You can import assemblies from different CAD systems using Communicator for BricsCAD, including the Parametric geometry defined in those assemblies.


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BricsCAD Mechanical - Single 1-Year Subscription