Ivan Borov

SketchUp is my “Swiss army knife” for Design. In our studio, we use it every day. It simplifies the work-flow in many ways.

We use it for plot & survey, design ideas, concept sketches, mock-ups, etc. I’m using a licensed product because I really respect the work of the SketchUp team, besides – you have great customer support.

Stoyan Nachev

In our practice, we use SketchUp on daily basis. It allows us to execute our ideas with great quality and speed.

Thanks to Lay Out we create documentation, based directly on the 3D model. Furthermore, V-Ray for SketchUp is an amazing addition when we need photorealistic renderings.

Teodor Rachev

SketchUp is the ultimate creative machine. It gives you the opportunity not only to be as precise as you need to be in your architecture work, but also can help you unleash your creativity. I believe there is no faster and funnier way to visualize ANYTHING.  

Simple, efficient, powerful and with no quality compromises.