ARS Architecture AG

ARS Architecture AG

10 - 50 employees

Our team is passionate, driven and keen to create high-quality architecture, vibrant residential areas and inspiring project stories.

We rely on decades of company history and carefully developed expertise in all phases and disciplines of architecture. Diverse skills, constructive cooperation and personal responsibility are the pillars of our corporate culture and the calling card of our partner circle. Our team works in an established network, thinks and acts in a generalist manner out of conviction and thus lives the antithesis to the increasing specialization of the industry. We incorporate current sociological, political, real estate strategic and real estate economic aspects into our work from the very beginning and thus reach our goals in a targeted, cooperative and in many respects profitable manner. In this way, we feel at home in every planning and construction task, and are passionately precise and reliable from the first sketch to the handover.

We value and maintain a very direct relationship with our customers, we are your consultant, service provider and sparring partner. Our design is based on a gripping story that carries all those involved in the project through the entire planning and implementation process, always inspiring and motivating them. We are looking for poetry in architecture, in small or large gestures.






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